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弊社は開発中のゲームソフトに潜んでいる不具合を検証する「デバッグ」そしてゲームテキストの「翻訳」を行うエキスパートとして1994年に産声をあげ、 現在ではゲームだけでなく携帯電話、PC、家電製品、IT製品、業務系システムなどデバッグが必要とされる様々な分野でサービスを提供しています。





代表取締役社長 津田 哲治

Do you remember what it felt like the first time you played a video game?

That joy and excitement of losing yourself inside the game world. Pole To Win started with one idea: to help creators deliver that experience to players.

Our expertise in finding bugs lurking within games at the development stage and translating in-game text dates back to 1994. Today, we perform our services on not just video games, but a wide range of fields requiring debugging including mobile phones, personal computers, household appliances, IT products, business management systems, and more.

Our mission is to improve the quality of these products from behind-the-scenes, serving as a bridge between creators and end-users, and ensuring both sides are fully satisfied by ensuring the absolute highest quality of products are delivered.

Though the end users may never be aware of the work we do, every now and then, I catch sight of a project we worked on. It is moments like this that give me a real sense that our services were helpful, and this is an amazing feeling.

It is this feeling that drives us to be a company that you can always rely on.

We thank you for choosing Pole To Win.

Pole To Win Co., Ltd.