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弊社は開発中のゲームソフトに潜んでいる不具合を検証する「デバッグ」そしてゲームテキストの「翻訳」を行うエキスパートとして1994年に産声をあげ、 現在ではゲームだけでなく携帯電話、PC、家電製品、IT製品、業務系システムなどデバッグが必要とされる様々な分野でサービスを提供しています。





代表取締役社長 津田 哲治

Do you remember the excitement of when you come in contact with the game the first time you?

Excitement when it is immersed in the world of the game to forget the time, excitement, joy. I want to help deliver to the user from the creators of such experience, the thought was the origin of the Pole To Win.

We raised born in 1994 as an expert to do to verify the bug lurking in the game software in development and "debugging" of the game the text "translated", mobile phone as well as games, PC, consumer electronics products at present, it offers services in various fields which require debugging IT products, such as operational systems.

Is considered as our mission that is to contribute to quality-up of the product as a behind-the-scenes and, as a bridge between the user and the person who engaged in manufacturing, providing the future the best quality happy with the both will go.

And realized that there is almost no chance that the business of us are focused on people of a general user, but our services are useful whenever you want to see a product that occasionally, we have worked on a street corner, and am very happy will.

As food this joy, we will aim always a company that you are able to trust everyone.

We, thank you very much the Pole To Win the future.

Pole To Win Co., Ltd.